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About Us

The human civilization is fraught with specimens of art and craft, right from its very inception. Be it in the Sumerian, Mesopotamian, European, Roman or in the New World, artisans have always instilled life into their creations. To carry forward the legacy of traditional artwork, which would otherwise be lost in the crowd of new innovations, artisans have passed on their skills over the ages. Being alloys of the highest grade that last for generations displaying aristocracy and supremacy, bronze and brass are the finest metal alloys. Ever since their discovery, they have been used to carve out a number of items such as ornamental curios, weapons, vessels, lamps, sculptures of deities, clocks, vases and more. Bronze and brass creations have mesmerized the human mind and decorated homes and palaces for ages.

At Bronze and Brass, we strive to bring out the best luxurious creations meeting our clients’ precise specifications. Just share your imagination with us, and the final product will reflect not just your emotions, but also incomparable quality and superiority of appearance.