Let your imagination flows to a luxurious creation

Why Bronze and Brass.

Excel in design

Bronze and Brass always emphasizes what our clients want. Unique customized designs are what make us stand apart from our contemporaries. If you are looking for the ultimate combination of design, style, luxury and art - give us any theme, any style or any form. Our craftsmen can shape out any structure, be it of Egyptian, Roman, Arabic, Greek, Indian or any other origin. You can rest assured that the products will endeavour the test of time and seasons.

Uncompromised quality

Bronze and Brass Products made from high-end materials. Our products are embedded with premium elements in design. We mainly use premium woods, genuine leather, precious and natural stones, offering you the purchase of a lifetime and beyond.

Customer Emphasis and Involvement

At Bronze and Brass, we are extra careful about your opinion. We present 2D/3D drawing & detailing and hand sketch for approval during interactive session from pre-production stage onwards.

Technology to build and rebuild

We, at Bronze and Brass, pay attention to your needs, as well as, the environment. Our focus is on the creation of products, and then, using them again to re-create something else that suits your status. Thus, we never back off from providing you with a fresh item every time!